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Many people have signs or symptoms of psychic abilities, from those who are very young, to those are very old. Having psychic abilities means you are able to see or feel with more than just the five senses. The most common psychic abilities are premonitions, or the ability to see or feel what is about to happen, before it occurs. Everyone experiences premonitions from time to time, some more frequently than others.

While many people think that these premonitions occur purely by chance, others feel that there is more to it than pure luck of the draw. If you find you have frequent premonitions, do not discard them as chance, instead focus on what causes them to occur. You may have been thinking of a certain thing when a premonition occurred, or looking at something in particular. Premonitions do not come out of nowhere, they always have a trigger. The trick is to find that trigger, and make it work for you when you desire it to.

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Another, albeit rarer instance of potential psychic abilities occurs when you desire something. For many people, what they desire and what they actually get are two very different things. If you find that desiring something, and actually getting what you desire, occurs often, this could be a sign of psychic talents. A desire for something to happen, that then happens, can be very inconsequential, or a huge life changing event. It could mean desiring to win a foot race from one point to another, or desiring a pay raise at work. Regardless of the desire, if you find your desires are often met, this could be a sign of psychic potential. 

Have you ever heard voices, not regularly, but infrequently? This could be a sign of psychic potential, or it could be a sign of serious mental illness; It all depends on what those voices are saying, and the final result. If you hear voices that tell of upcoming events that are out of your control, which then occur, this is a good sign. The voices could be "in your head", the way you can hear your own voice when you think silently to yourself, or they could be audible, as if they are coming from someone in the room who is not there. 

As you can see, psychic abilities are based nearly entirely on premonitions, or the ability to see what is about to happen, either in a few seconds or a few days. Some people are very gifted with premonitions, while others will never experience one. If you experience them frequently, do your best to discover what triggers them, so that you may use them to your advantage, when you desire them to occur.

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